NIX Solutions: Ad-Blocking VPNs Will Disappear from Google Play

Starting November 1st, the Google App Store will begin to implement new rules that will not allow VPN services that block ads or otherwise interfere with them to be listed in the directory. The company officially notified the developers about this.


From November 1, creating a secure tunnel to access a remote server will only be available to applications using the VPNService system class, and this should be the main function of such applications. At the same time, VPNs allowed for publication must not collect personal or confidential data without the explicit consent of the user. They also must not manipulate traffic or online advertising, that is, influence the monetization of other services, says Devby.

As noted by The Register, Google has been systematically squeezing applications from Google Play that block ads in other applications for several years. NIX Solutions adds that similar policy is being pursued with regard to Google Chrome extensions: from 2023, the browser will switch to the Manifest Version 3 platform, which limits the capabilities of ad blockers, and existing extensions will no longer work.