NIX Solutions: Samsung will pay to Android owners

Samsung products on the mobile device market are very popular among buyers, which allows to create a variety of models for every taste and color. And yet in the end, this South Korean corporation finally began to do everything possible to deal with the original software. All this data is stored internally.

The company had to pay money to all owners of Android smartphones, which will help to make a protection system more reliable and impenetrable, notes Back in January 2016, the company launched a project called the “Mobile Security Rewards Program”. Currently it is no longer experiment, and therefore everybody can participate.

They pay money to anyone who can detect any gaps in the company’s products that can be used to bypass the protection system or even crack. You can get money if the protection problem is contained in the latest version of the software used, as well as, in such a phone model, which still receives any updates, specifies NIX Solutions.

Depending on how important a breach in the protection system is, you can receive up to $ 200,000 dollars as a monetary incentive. The amount of cash compensation depends on the risk of vulnerability. Malfunctions reported by users of Android-based smartphones will be closed within 90 days from the moment of notification of such, and this will happen by issuing operating system updates for current models of mobile devices. Residents of any country in the world can receive money for help. The main thing is to be the first to notify of any actual problem that is contained in the latest version of any software from Samsung.