NIX Solutions: Apple Faces New Complaint from Spotify Over App Update Block

Earlier this month, the EU’s main industry regulator, the European Commission, fined Apple €1.84 billion following a Spotify complaint for abusing its dominant position in music streaming on iOS devices. Now Spotify, which owns the music service of the same name, has filed a new complaint, saying that Apple is blocking an update for the iOS version of the company’s application.

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Spotify’s Allegations Against Apple

According to reports, on March 5, Spotify sent Apple an update that adds links to the company’s website to the app, as well as information about the cost of a subscription to the service and ongoing promotions. Thus, the company hoped to implement the ability to conduct transactions bypassing the Apple payment system. Previously, the European Union obliged Apple to allow third-party developers to provide users with information about alternative and more accessible music services.

Apple’s Response and Current Status

Apple, in response to the European Commission’s decision, announced its intention to file an appeal, pointing to a whole list of “ways in which Apple creates value for Spotify at no cost to their company.” Among other things, it said that the app review team had approved version 421 of Spotify. It is also noted that Apple usually checks updates for Spotify within a day of submission and often speeds up this process at the request of the owner of the music service.

Spotify said it has not heard back from Apple since submitting the update for review. The complaint says this is “yet another example of how Apple, if left unchecked, will seek to circumvent and/or fail to comply with the Commission’s decision.” The company also asks the European Commission to put pressure on Apple so that the American company approves the mentioned update for Spotify as soon as possible. Apple officials have not yet commented on this situation, notes NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments in this ongoing dispute between Apple and Spotify.