NIX Solutions: Apple Relaxes App Store Policies – Embracing Emulators and Addressing Antitrust Concerns

Apple has announced a relaxation of its policies regarding retro game emulators in the App Store worldwide. This change allows emulator apps from Android to join the Apple ecosystem while banning those distributing pirated games. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.

NIX Solutions

Embracing Emulators and Super Apps

For years, Apple maintained a strict ban on game emulators, pushing iPhone users to resort to jailbreaking. However, recent policy changes eliminate the need for such workarounds, particularly benefiting EU users who now have access to alternative app marketplaces. Additionally, Apple’s rule updates regarding super apps like WeChat specify the use of HTML5 for mini-games and applications within these platforms, disallowing native applications.

Addressing Antitrust Concerns

Apple’s shifts in policy seem to be a response to both antitrust pressures and international regulations, notes NIX Solutions. In the US, it’s responding to an antitrust lawsuit, allowing cloud-based game streaming apps into the App Store. Internationally, it’s responding to pressure from the European Commission by permitting music streaming services in the EU to include alternative payment method links and pricing information. However, Spotify remains critical, highlighting Apple’s plan to charge a commission on purchases made through external links, contrary to EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager’s statements.