NIXSolutions: Apple Unveils New iOS 18 Call Recording Feature

Apple presented at the WWDC 2024 developer conference a new feature of the iOS 18 platform that will allow users to record and transcribe phone calls. The company said it will automatically notify participants in a telephone conversation that it is being recorded.


Recording and Transcription Details

The image released by the company shows the new recording option in the Phone app, which displays the audio waveform and recording duration. The conversation is then transcribed in the Notes app, where a summary can also be generated using Apple Intelligence‘s new AI system. The user will also be able to record and transcribe audio directly in the Notes application.

As stated on Apple’s iOS 18 preview page, audio transcription will only be available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese. It is expected that the new feature will make it easier for journalists and other users to record and transcribe their conversations, while simultaneously informing the interlocutor about it.

Apple Intelligence’s AI system drew a lot of interest from WWDC attendees, adds NIXSolutions. However, iOS 18 will reportedly also come with a host of other cool features, including a customizable home screen, changes to the Control Center, improvements to Tapback responses, and more. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge about these exciting new capabilities.