NIXSolutions: Apple is Pushing Users to Upgrade to iOS 15

After reporting on the number of users who switched to the latest firmware, Apple seems to have decided to speed up this process. Despite the promise of extended support for the previous version of the mobile OS, the company stopped releasing security updates for it, reports NIXSolutions.


In June last year, Apple promised to support owners of gadgets on iOS and iPadOS, who did not immediately switch to the 15th numbered version of the operating system. However, iOS 14.8.1, which was released on October 26, 2021, is no longer available for download as an update – instead, users are encouraged to download iOS 15.2.1 to their smartphones, says 4PDA.

Thus, for all iPhone models that are running iOS 14, only an update to the current firmware version is available at the momemt. According to industry analysts, this may be due to the company’s recent report. According to it, iOS 15‌ is now installed on only 72% of supported devices – this is the lowest rate of branded smartphone updates in the last four years.