NIX Solutions: ColorOS 12 Released

On October 11, OPPO revealed a new version of the proprietary ColorOS shell. We will tell you how the update will please and which smartphones will receive it.


By rethinking the look of the system, the OPPO designers tried to achieve lightness and simplicity. The key design features of ColorOS12 are inclusiveness and minimalism. The icons were redrawn. They received an organic design and now “connect the virtual world with the real”, says 4PDA. This also applies to animations: transitions and interactions with objects have become natural and smooth. The layout of information on the screen has also been redesigned – it is easy to recognize important and minor elements.

NIX Solutions

According to OPPO, users from Asian and Western countries want to see the structure of text and other system components differently. So in the current Color OS, they tried to maintain a balance between the preferences of different regions. In addition, the shell has been optimized for various form factors, including flexible smartphones.

Continuing the theme of inclusiveness, the vendor showed a special feature for people with partial color blindness – Color Vision Enhancement. It allows you to enhance and adjust the color gamut of the display for different types of color blindness. Later in version 12.1, they will introduce Omoji – animated stickers with the ability to create a personal avatar. It will be used in different applications. Omoji offers over 200 customization options, so it’s easy to customize your character.

Performance and Other Goodies

ColorOS 12 has improved memory defragmentation. Even years later, the firmware will work stably, and the wear rate of the drive will be less than 5%, says  NIX Solutions. They also improved the resource management system. The twelfth version of the shell takes up 30% less space on the drive than the previous one. The battery life was also pumped by 12%. Combined with nimble animations, these changes should take system performance to the next level.

There is a convenient integration of the gadget with a PC. Using the PC Connect utility, you can broadcast an image from your smartphone, drag and drop files, copy text, and answer calls directly in Windows. These chips will be implemented in ColorOS 12.1, which will be released in early 2022.

It will also be possible to resize the window in picture-in-picture mode. For gamers, a floating button has been added on top of all programs, which will allow you to quickly return to the game from any application. The utility for device management and garbage cleaning has also been updated, and the browser now has an integrated sidebar for quick translation of web pages into any language. It is powered by Google Lens.

Integration with Android 12

According to OPPO, they tried to bring the fresh Color OS as close as possible to a pure Android OS so that the system remains simple and familiar to most users. To this end, key Google applications and services were built into the shell.

But the vendor left a little of the proprietary software so as not to overload the operating system. They added a Google sidebar to the desktop – when you swipe to the right, you get to the main page of the search utility with a news feed. They also took care of the integration of all the important functions of Android 12. The privacy panel, indicators for accessing the camera and microphone, the ability to share the approximate location – all this and much more is available in ColorOS 12.

In terms of update policy, OPPO promises monthly security patches for the flagship Find X series. For the Reno, F Series, A Series, AX Series and K Series, updates will be released quarterly.