NIXsolutions: Epic Games Regains Access to App Store After EU Intervention

The recent saga between Epic Games and Apple regarding access to the App Store seems to have reached a turning point. This text details the events leading to the reinstatement of Epic’s developer account, including the initial blocking, EU involvement, and the final decision.


  • Swift Blockade and EU Inquiry: On Wednesday, Epic announced their developer account was suspended. The European Commission immediately began investigating the situation for a potential violation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • Epic’s Response and CEO Statement: Epic Games emphasized their commitment to following Apple’s policies and the DMA. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, viewed the situation as a victory for developer freedom and the European legal system.
  • Apple’s Reasoning and Reversal: Apple initially justified the block due to a previous violation involving a third-party payment system in Fortnite. However, after further discussions with Epic regarding adherence to App Store rules and the DMA, Apple reinstated access.

This turn of events highlights the potential impact of the DMA in regulating app store practices, notes NIXsolutions. It remains to be seen how this specific case will influence future developer-platform relations within the European Union.