NIX Solutions: Google Adapts Mobile App Ecosystem to DMA

Google recently addressed the adjustments made to its mobile app ecosystem in alignment with the European Digital Markets Act (DMA), which officially came into effect yesterday. The company is set to introduce new fees for developers, mirroring Apple’s approach with the App Store.

NIX Solutions

Transition Period with Commission Rates

During the initial two-year period, Google will levy a 10% commission on in-app purchases and a 5% commission on subscription services, encompassing services provided by the app store to initially entice users. Subsequently, the recurring fee will shift to 17% for in-app purchases and 7% for subscription services. This extended fee covers platform services such as parental controls, security features, fraud protection, and app updates.

User Consent and Service Termination

After the two-year mark, developers have the option to decline the existing payments, contingent upon user consent. However, in such cases, platform services will not be extended. Google clarified, stating that since users acquire the app from Play with expectations of services like parental controls, a security scanner, fraud protection, and continuous app updates, the termination of services also necessitates user consent.

Google’s Perspective

Google emphasized that the Play commissions contribute to investments in Android and Google Play, reflecting the value derived from Android and Play, adds NIX Solutions. This includes enabling the free distribution of Android and providing a diverse set of tools and services to assist developers in establishing successful businesses while ensuring the security of platforms for billions of users globally.