NIXsolutions: Google Maps Platform Gets New Color Scheme and Standard Map Style

Google has introduced a new color scheme and a standard map style for third-party apps using the Google Maps platform. API and SDK developers can embed Google Maps into their apps or websites using these updates. The transition began in May 2024 and will extend until March 18, 2025.


The updated color scheme started appearing last year and is now being rolled out to Android, iOS, and the web. Among the changes, yellow roads have been replaced with gray ones, and turquoise is now used instead of blue to indicate bodies of water.

User Reactions and Usability Improvements

Not all users welcomed Google’s unexpected changes, including a former Google Maps designer who voiced their opinions on social media. While some feel the new style appears “colder, less precise and less human,” it has improved both the usability and readability of Maps.

In a support document spotted by Android Authority, Google discussed the rollout schedule for various tools. The corresponding Google Maps SDKs for Android and iOS have already been updated, and the company plans to update others soon, including the Navigation SDK and Maps Static API, as well as the Maps Embed API.

Transition Details and Developer Options

Developers using map IDs (a unique identifier for an individual instance of a Google map) for their apps can update the cloud maps style to get the new map style on mobile gadgets and the web. Those who do not use IDs will need to update the corresponding SDK or API manually.

For developers who opt into the new map style, there is a period of a few months to change their minds, as Google will not allow them to opt out after March 18, 2025, when the transition is complete, notes NIXsolutions. However, even with the new style, Google will give developers the ability to create custom map styles that resemble the current default map styles.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.