NIX Solutions: iOS 18 to Introduce Face ID App Lock Feature

According to online sources, iOS 18, due to launch later this year, will include support for blocking individual pre-installed applications using Face ID. This new feature aims to enhance the level of privacy and security on Apple’s smartphones.

NIX Solutions

The Face ID app lock feature will be supported across various apps such as Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Photos, Settings, Safari, and more. To block one of these applications, users will need to authenticate using Face ID. Additionally, it is possible that the ability to block individual applications using Touch ID or a PIN code will also be implemented. Whether this feature will work with third-party apps is currently unknown.

Existing and New Privacy Options

Currently, iPhone users can block access to some content using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. For instance, this method can be used to block access to notes in the Notes app or photos in the Recently Deleted and Hidden folders in the Photos app. The new feature in iOS 18 will provide more privacy options, allowing users to block access to applications even if the smartphone itself is unlocked.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 18 as part of its WWDC keynote later today. The first beta version of the software platform will likely become available to developers soon after the announcement. The stable version of the OS is anticipated to begin distribution in the fall, coinciding with the release of new iPhones, adds NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments regarding iOS 18 and its features.