NIXsolutions: Microsoft Launches AI-Powered Copilot Chatbot on Telegram

Microsoft has launched a beta version of its Copilot chatbot in the popular Telegram messenger. The AI-powered chatbot is capable of performing various tasks and answering user questions directly within the messenger.

Getting Started with Copilot

To use the chatbot, log in to Telegram and launch Copilot using the official link. After the greeting, you will be asked to register, which requires confirming your phone number. This step may not please everyone. Once the authentication process is completed, Copilot will notify you of a free use limit of 30 requests. This means you can ask the bot up to 30 questions in a 24-hour period, after which access will be suspended until the next period.


Capabilities and Performance

The capabilities of the chatbot in Telegram are impressive. For instance, Copilot can recommend movies or TV series based on the latest news in the film industry and reviews from film critics. When requesting films about dinosaurs, the bot provided a list of four films with brief plot descriptions, avoiding spoilers. It also included links to the sources of information used by the AI.

However, when asked more specific questions, Copilot unfortunately gave rather general answers. For example, when asked to select the optimal video card for playing Dota 2 in 4K resolution, the bot suggested several models suitable for 4K gaming but clearly excessive for running this particular game.

The chatbot demonstrated excellent results when working with program code, notes NIXsolutions. Given a piece of code with an error, it not only found the problem but also suggested a way to fix it. Thus, in the field of programming, Copilot’s recommendations appear quite useful.

Integration and Future Updates

The integration of the Copilot chatbot into a popular instant messenger is certainly an interesting step, despite the limited number of requests and overly generalized answers to some questions. The ability to receive AI recommendations directly within Telegram looks promising and could be useful for many everyday tasks. The chatbot is available starting May 25th. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments. More information can be found on the Microsoft website.