NIX Solutions: Mobile App Trends 2024

In an era dominated by mobile technology, app usage continues to thrive despite economic challenges. As gaming grapples with inflationary pressures, apps showcase remarkable resilience. According to’s latest annual report, the State of Mobile 2024, the 10 largest markets experienced a 2% increase in the weighted average time spent on mobile devices, surpassing 5 hours.

NIX Solutions

Global Mobile Landscape: A Glimpse into 2023

Across these top markets, the global weighted average time spent on apps surged by 6%, setting a new record at over 5 hours. Meanwhile, after a 2% dip in 2022, global consumer spending rebounded with a 4% rise in 2023, notes NIX Solutions.

Key Market Insights: China, India, and USA Lead the Way

The report highlights the top 20 mobile markets, with China, India, and the USA leading in installations, witnessing a 1% increase over the year. In terms of user spending, China secured the top spot, followed by the United States and Japan. Overall, user spending experienced a 3% growth, with South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey displaying remarkable increases of over 25%. Collectively, users invested a staggering $171 billion in app stores.

Evolving Landscape: From Mobile Advertising to AI Applications

Mobile advertising spending reached an impressive $362 billion, and projections indicate the threshold of $400 billion will be surpassed in 2024. Application spending amounted to $64 billion, with Entertainment, Social Media, and Utilities/Productivity emerging as the fastest-growing categories. Notably, AI applications, including “ai art” and “ai write,” witnessed unprecedented growth.

To delve deeper into these trends and explore comprehensive industry insights, the full report is available for download on the website.