NIXsolutions: New Useful Features to Appear on Google Play

A tech blogger using the pseudonym AssembleDebug has unearthed intriguing hints of two undisclosed app store functions concealed within the Google Play code.

NIX Solutions

Introducing Download Buddy and Cubes Widget

The first discovery, dubbed “Download Buddy,” manifests as a translucent button with an arrow—an application download progress bar. Positioned on the right side of the OS interface, it materializes after tapping the “Install” button, offering users a glance at download status without navigating to Google Play.

The second revelation, known as “Cubes,” remains shrouded in mystery, notes NIXsolutions. Its existence was first detected by insiders in January 2023, initially hidden within the interface layout. However, it later emerged as a potential desktop widget. Presumably, Cubes aims to streamline access to applications and categories within the store.

A Glimpse into Future Reminders

The source also alluded to another unreleased feature, hinting at Google Play‘s upcoming ability to remind users about dormant applications and suggest their removal from devices—a departure from the current iteration. As for the timeline of these innovations becoming public, no specific information is available at this time.