NIX Solutions: Reddit Is Working On Competing Clubhouse

Reddit announced that it is working on a Clubhouse competitor called Reddit Talk. The new functionality is intended for group voice chats.

The launch date for Reddit Talk is still unknown, states SearchEngines. The service is in its early stages of testing now, and Reddit is inviting moderators to join the waiting list.

When public testing begins, moderators will be able to start conversations, and ordinary users will be able to listen to them on iOS and Android devices.

After completing initial tests to identify bugs, Reddit will allow moderators to invite users to voice chats.

In chats, it will be possible to use emoji, as well as change the background color.

To ensure a good user experience, Reddit will empower moderators. They will be able to fully control what is happening in the chat, set boundaries and rules, and enforce them. They will have the right to delete, mute and invite listeners.

On Reddit Talk, users will be able to host Q&A sessions, AMA sessions, lectures, discussions, collect feedback, or simply give members of their communities a chance to chat.

NIX Solutions reminds that Facebook is also preparing to launch a competitor to Clubhouse – Live Audio Rooms. The launch of the new functionality will begin this summer.