NIXsolutions: Removing Telegram from the App Store in China Did Not Affect Its Downloads

The recent removal of Telegram messenger from China’s App Store, at the request of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has sparked discussions regarding its impact on user behavior. Pavel Durov, co-founder of Telegram, provided insights into the situation, revealing intriguing trends.


Minimal Impact on Downloads in China

Contrary to expectations, the removal of Telegram from the Chinese App Store did not significantly affect its download rates within the country. Durov stated on his Telegram channel that there has been no noticeable decrease in downloads from China. He also highlighted data from Google Play, indicating that Telegram remains the most downloaded mobile application in China for Android users. Despite the accessibility challenges requiring the use of VPNs, Durov emphasized the resourcefulness of Chinese users in circumventing restrictions to utilize Telegram.

Shift Towards Android

Durov pointed out a noteworthy trend: the Chinese authorities’ efforts to encourage citizens to transition from iPhones to Android smartphones, particularly those manufactured by Chinese companies like Xiaomi. Unlike iPhones, Android devices typically allow users to download applications from sources beyond the official app store. Consequently, an increasing number of Chinese users are embracing the Android platform.

Reflections on Apple’s Policy

In assessing the situation, Durov criticized Apple’s centralized “walled garden” policy, which restricts the installation of applications from external sources. He suggested that such policies inadvertently contribute to Apple’s own detriment, facilitating the migration of users towards more flexible platforms like Android.

Despite regulatory challenges and platform dynamics, Telegram remains resilient in its global user base, notes NIXsolutions. As the landscape continues to evolve, we’ll keep you updated on any developments affecting its accessibility and usage.