NIX Solutions: Telegram 10.6 Update Enhances Voice Messaging Features

Telegram developers have recently rolled out the 10.6 update for the mobile version of their messenger, introducing notable improvements to the voice messaging capabilities.

NIX Solutions

Improved Voice Message Recording

In this update, users can now pause and resume voice message recordings, allowing for greater flexibility. The innovative feature seamlessly combines previously recorded fragments with new ones, creating a cohesive audio file. To utilize this, users can simply swipe up from the microphone icon and select the pause icon, later resuming recording by tapping the microphone icon again.

One-Time Voice Messages and Vanishing Circles

Another significant addition is the ability to send one-time voice messages, mirroring the disappearing nature of private text conversations. Additionally, a similar functionality has been introduced for video recordings in the form of vanishing “circles,” which are deleted from the chat after being viewed by the recipient.

To send a one-time message, users can click on the microphone icon and select the numeral ‘1’. The Telegram 10.6 update is readily available for download on Google Play and the App Store, notes NIX Solutions.

Enhanced Messaging Experience

With these improvements, Telegram continues to refine its messaging platform, providing users with enhanced options for voice communication. The 10.6 update caters to a more dynamic and intuitive user experience, ensuring seamless voice messaging interactions.