NIXsolutions: Telegram Bot API Update 7.0

Telegram unveiled its Bot API version 7.0, a substantial update introducing a host of new features and capabilities for developers to leverage.

Enhanced Bot Capabilities

The latest update empowers bots with diverse functionalities, including:

NIX Solutions

1. Message Reactions and Replies

Bots can now react to messages using the setMessageReaction method, while also detecting reactions initiated by users. Additionally, bots gain the ability to reply to specific topics with quote support, enabling them to reference portions of users’ messages.

2. Streamlined Message Management

Efficiency receives a boost as bots gain the capability to delete multiple messages in a single request via the deleteMessages method. Furthermore, they can forward or copy multiple messages using the forwardMessages and copyMessages methods, streamlining their message-handling processes.

3. Enhanced Tracking and Interaction

This update introduces the tracking of sweepstakes, allowing bots to monitor the creation and completion of votes in channels or chats. Bots also acquire support for quotations in MarkdownV2 and HTML formats, enabling them to retrieve information about multiple users simultaneously using KeyboardButtonRequestUsers, among other functionalities.

Developers keen to explore the full extent of these enhancements can find detailed information on Telegram’s official website.