NIXSolutions: Telegram Gets Quoting and Rewinding of Stories

Telegram has released an update featuring enhanced quoting and other notable improvements.

Quoting Messages Made Easy

Users can now respond to specific portions of a message by holding down the text, selecting “Quote” from the menu, giving quoted fragments a distinct background and icon. This facilitates precise and meaningful conversations.


Customize Your Messages with Quotes

Message formatting is now more versatile. You can format your own text with quotes by selecting the text and choosing “Format,” then “Quote.” Quotes can seamlessly alternate with regular text in your conversations.

Cross-Chat Message Replies

Telegram now allows users to reply to messages from one chat in another or within a channel. To do this, simply click the arrow icon next to the quoted text and select the “Reply in another chat” option.

Enhanced Link Customization

Users have complete control over link appearances in their messages. You can place a link preview either above or below the message text, adjust the photo size, and choose a specific link for preview if there are multiple links in the message.

New “Stories” Features

In the “Stories” section, videos can now be fast-forwarded by swiping the screen left or right, and the selfie camera comes with a flash offering customizable hue and brightness options.

NIXSolutions adds that for more details on these updates and additional features, visit the official Telegram blog.