NIX Solutions: Telegram Introduces Enhanced Activity Tracking for Premium Users

Telegram has recently rolled out an intriguing feature exclusively for its Premium subscription users.


Enhanced Activity Tracking Unveiled

The latest feature revolves around the tracking of users’ last activity times on the platform. Previously, if a user opted to display the time of their last visit, the same information would be visible for others. Alternatively, disabling this feature would result in a more generic alert, such as “Been there recently” or “Been there a long time ago,” notes NIX Solutions.

Premium Subscribers Gain Exclusive Visibility

Premium subscribers can now enjoy the added benefit of viewing the activity times of other users while maintaining the privacy of their own. This option is seamlessly integrated into the Premium package without requiring any additional payments. However, it’s essential to note that if a user has restricted access to their last visit time for everyone or specifically for certain accounts, the Premium subscription cannot override this setting.

In summary, Telegram’s new Premium feature enhances activity tracking capabilities, offering a unique blend of transparency and privacy for its users.