NIXsolutions: Telegram Introduces “Stars” for Digital Purchases

Telegram has launched a special currency called “Stars” for purchasing e-books, online courses, and other digital goods from bots and mini-applications. This new system allows Telegram’s vast audience to access digital content purchases while adhering to the requirements of the App Store and Google Play.


Every month, over 400 million users actively engage with bots and mini-applications on Telegram. These users buy goods, play games, and use various services. Previously, messenger bots enabled the sale of physical goods worldwide. Now, with the introduction of the Telegram “Stars” currency, the platform has been modernized to support digital goods purchases and payments.

Integration and Future Features

The new “Stars” system is specifically designed for paying for digital content and fully complies with Apple and Google’s latest requirements for digital goods sales. Users can purchase Stars through the Apple and Google app stores, as well as from the PremiumBot bot within Telegram. These Stars can then be spent on purchases within the messenger ecosystem. Bot developers can easily integrate Stars payments, following the provided documentation, to tap into Telegram’s extensive user base.

As a demonstration, the @DurgerKingBot bot has been launched, offering users the ability to purchase a special cake using Stars. After the purchase, the payment is immediately returned to the user, showcasing the system’s functionality.

In the future, Telegram plans to enhance the “Stars” currency with additional features, such as the ability to send gifts to authors as a sign of support for their content, adds NIXsolutions. We’ll keep you updated on these developments.

Benefits for Users and Developers

Thanks to the new payment system, millions of Telegram users will have convenient access to a wide variety of digital goods and services directly within the messenger ecosystem. Bot developers will also benefit from reaching a vast audience of potential clients. For more details about Telegram’s new digital currency, visit the channel of Telegram CEO Pavel Durov or the official blog.