NIXsolutions: Telegram Is To Launch Stories On Behalf Of Channels

The @tginfo team unveils intriguing features in Telegram’s Beta version for Android, signaling the upcoming major application update.

NIX Solutions

Introducing Boosts for Channel Stories

Boosts, also known as votes, empower channels to share stories. This feature is exclusively accessible to channels garnering sufficient votes from their Premium subscribers.

Premium Subscribers’ Choice

Premium users have the liberty to designate which channels they support with their boosts, but they can only switch once per day.

Unlocking Stories

To initiate story sharing, channels must amass at least five boosts from their Premium readers. Recipients of gifted subscriptions are ineligible to boost channels.

Enhanced Channel Insights

In the updated version, administrators gain access to valuable data concerning Telegram Premium subscribers, their proportion relative to all channel readers, boost contributors, and the duration of boost validity.

NIXsolutions notes that the story format, initially available to paid subscribers, was later extended to all Telegram users. Pavel Durov, Telegram’s creator, envisions the launch of Stories as the messenger’s entry into a new era.