NIX Solutions: Telegram Premium Surpasses 5 Million Users

Telegram Premium has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing 5 million users within a month, attracting an additional 1 million premium subscribers. This surge follows the mid-June 2022 launch of the paid subscription service, marking a significant leap from the previously reported 4 million premium subscribers in December 2022. Founder Pavel Durov personally shared this achievement, highlighting Telegram Premium’s unprecedented success among instant messengers.

NIX Solutions

Explosive Growth and Milestones

In a span of 5 months, the number of Premium subscribers doubled, followed by a quadrupling within the last 12 months, now exceeding 5 million users. Durov expressed gratitude to all subscribers for their support.

Telegram’s Impact and Evolution

During its 10th-anniversary celebration, Telegram introduced Stories, akin to Snapchat, marking a significant evolution within the platform, reminds NIX Solutions. Additionally, amid ongoing conflicts, Telegram’s prominence in Ukraine has surged, solidifying its status as a vital communication channel and a primary news dissemination platform.