NIXsolutions: Telegram Presents Group Enhancements

Telegram has recently expanded the capabilities of its open groups, allowing them to elevate their status through the influence of Premium subscribers’ votes, similar to the existing mechanism for channels.

Exploring Group Levels:

Groups on Telegram function as thematic chats or forums, often linked to a channel for comment accessibility. The diverse features and functions available at various group levels closely mirror those found in channels.


Benefits of Leveling Up:

Upon leveling up, groups gain access to a range of enhancements, including the ability to publish stories, customize channel design, incorporate unique reaction emojis, upload personalized wallpapers, and more.

Checking Group Levels:

To determine a group’s level, navigate to the profile, click “More,” and select “Voices.” This section provides a comprehensive view of the group’s current level, the votes required for the next level, overall group statistics, votes, and a link to the voting process, notes NIXsolutions.

Detailed Insights and Boost Options:

For a more in-depth understanding of group levels, functionality, and voting, users can click on the “boost” or “features” button. This offers detailed information on how the levels operate and the specific features unlocked at each level.