NIXSOLUTIONS: Telegram’s Enhanced Features and iOS Improvements

In a recent update, Telegram developers quietly introduced a range of new features and improvements to the messaging platform. While the majority of these enhancements are reserved for Premium subscribers, one noteworthy innovation extends its benefits to users of the free iOS version.


Messaging Control for Premium Subscribers

Telegram Premium subscribers now have the ability to control incoming messages in two distinct ways. They can opt to entirely block incoming messages or selectively allow them only from individuals in their contact list and fellow Premium users. Furthermore, Premium subscribers can now view the online status of others, even if they have chosen to hide their own status. The messenger has also introduced the display of the last time a message was read in personal conversations.

Video Recording Upgrades for iOS Devices

All iOS users, irrespective of their subscription status, will experience significant improvements in the video recording function. These enhancements include an increase in video quality and the ability to seamlessly switch between front and rear cameras. It is important to note that developers have identified a minor glitch related to the disappearing video messages function, and users experiencing issues are advised to update the application to the latest version promptly, adds NIXSOLUTIONS.

Telegram’s latest update brings an array of improvements catering to both Premium and free users, enhancing messaging control and video recording capabilities on iOS devices.