NIX Solutions: Telegram’s Monetization Strategy

Telegram embarked on monetization in 2022, following a trend set by Twitter. This article delves into Telegram’s journey, with a focus on the significance of its Stories feature.

NIX Solutions

Monetization Sparks Growth

In the first half of 2022, Telegram’s net income from the application surged impressively, growing sixfold from under $250 thousand in June to over $1.5 million in December. Remarkably, this figure reflects Telegram’s earnings after accounting for Apple and Google’s shares. A staggering 75% of this revenue hailed from the App Store. Surprisingly, the largest markets were Russia, USA, China, and Ukraine – an unconventional order.

Growth Dynamics in 2023

Expectations were high for 2023, considering the promising trajectory of the preceding year. Telegram’s net revenue reached a milestone of $3.3 million in February 2023, more than double the December figure. However, revenue waned in April, hovering around $2.7 million. August experienced a brief surge but mirrored trends seen in other applications.

Telegram’s Strategic Evolution

The question arises: why did Telegram introduce Stories? One plausible hypothesis is to broaden the reach of its premium subscription among existing users. Telegram appears to be venturing beyond messaging, aspiring to foster communities and become a scaled-down social network. In this pursuit, it competes directly with platforms like Discord. Telegram’s introduction of “boosts,” allowing users to enhance channels by paying for features, reflects a strategic move towards expanding its capabilities.

NIX Solutions notes that as 2023 unfolds, Telegram’s monetization strategy and the role of Stories continue to shape its growth trajectory.