NIX Solutions: Telegram’s Rapid Growth and Premium Subscriptions

Pavel Durov, through his channel Du Rove’s Channel, shared staggering statistics regarding Telegram’s growth. Within 5 months, the number of users with a Telegram Premium subscription doubled, skyrocketing to over 4 million paid subscribers in just 12 months. This surge, as per Durov, marks Telegram Premium as the fastest-growing paid subscription in messaging app history.

NIX Solutions

Projections and Current User Base

During the TOKEN2049 conference in September, Pavel Durov forecasted significant growth for Telegram’s monthly audience, aiming for 1.5 billion active users within 3-5 years. Presently, the messenger boasts more than 800 million active users, showcasing substantial progress towards this ambitious goal.

Subscription Insights and Audience Demographics

Analyzing the numbers, it’s evident that Telegram Premium subscription holders comprise approximately 0.5% of the entire monthly audience. Durov previously noted that reaching a 3% subscription rate among the monthly audience would lead Telegram to break-even, covering its server costs effectively.

As for the current demographic breakdown, the messenger’s audience is constituted by 37% users from Asian countries, 27% from Europe, and 16% residing in North and South America, notes NIX Solutions.