NIX Solutions: Telegram Update

Telegram presented an updated version of the application.

The new version introduces accelerated scrolling and a calendar for quick navigation through media from the history of correspondence, applications for joining groups and channels by invitation links, and much more.

NIX Solutions

Fast scrolling in the “Media” section in chats

Each Telegram chat has a shared media section where you can quickly view all the photos, videos and files that have been sent to it. Now in the tabs “Media”, “Files” and “Voice messages” on the side there is a new block with the date – you can drag it with your finger up and down, which allows you to quickly scroll through the media.

By pinching or spreading two fingers, you can change the number of objects that appear in each row.

Calendar in the “Media” section

Shared media can now be opened as a calendar, says Postium. To do this, just open a new menu in the upper right corner on the “Media” tab – or just click on the block with the date.

You can also choose from the menu which content will be shown on the Media tab – photos only, videos only, or both.

To go to the section with shared materials, click on the title in any chat and scroll down the page.

Applications to join groups and channels by invitation links

Now you can create special invitation links for groups and channels, which can only be entered after the application is approved by the chat administrator.

Users who follow the link will see a button to submit an application to join. To view new tickets, administrators just click on the new panel under the chat header. Before deciding whether to accept or reject an application, the administrator can view public data of users – such as photos and information about themselves.

In order not to get confused in the invitation links, you can now give them names that will be visible only to administrators in the group settings.

Global color themes on iOS

In the last update, there were 8 new color themes for private chats. Now the same themes can be applied to the entire Telegram iOS app (soon it will be available to Android users as well). Each theme has a day and night version, using colored gradients for message boxes and animated backgrounds with unique patterns.

You can change any elements of the new themes to your liking, for example, choose different colors or patterns. Advanced settings can be found in the “Appearance – Chat Themes” section.

Travel time to location on iOS

Through the attachment menu, you can send your exact geolocation or broadcast it in real time. By clicking on the geolocation, the map opens – and now you can see how quickly you can get to a given place on foot, by car or by public transport. To build a route or call a taxi, click on the time, and the location will open in another application.

Travel time is shown both for accurate geolocation and when broadcasting geolocation in real time.

Quick photo captions on iOS

The text that the user types in the message line is now automatically converted to a signature when attaching a media file.

This works with cloud-based draft messages too – so you can type on your computer, then upload a photo from your phone and quickly send it with the signature you want.

Updated settings section for iOS 15

The developers have updated the settings section in the iOS app to match the design standards adopted in iOS 15, notes NIX Solutions. The notification and sticker settings have been optimized, and the Devices section has become clearer with new icons and more conveniently structured information. You can click on any of the connected devices to see additional data or remotely end the session.

New interactive emojis

Added new interactive emoji. To start the full-screen effect, just send one of these emojis as a separate message to any private chat, and then click on the animated version.

If the interlocutor has a chat with you, they will see the effects at the same moment when you clicked on the emoji. The vibration of the phone is also synchronized for both interlocutors.