NIX Solutions: Updates Coming to Telegram

Insiders have uncovered details of a forthcoming comprehensive update planned for Telegram. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

Monetization Opportunities with TG Ads:

Telegram is set to introduce a new revenue stream for channel administrators through TG Ads. Admins will receive a 50% share of the advertising revenue displayed within their channels.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Profile Customization:

Users will soon have the ability to include their date of birth and link to their personal Telegram channel directly within their profiles. Additionally, they can integrate chatbots into their accounts, offering limitless customization for various functions, including the establishment of full-fledged business accounts.

Advanced Channel Management:

Upon reaching boost level 20, channel owners will gain the option to disable TG Ads entirely. Although the implications regarding channel revenue from TG Ads after disabling remain unclear, this feature is anticipated to offer greater control.

For marketers and data enthusiasts, the ability to generate UTM tags for links within Telegram is poised to revolutionize interaction tracking and analytics, adds NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces regarding the accuracy of these insider reports. Stay tuned for further developments.