NIXSolutions: The Most Earning Applications of December in the USA

AppFigures estimates that YouTube has become the top-grossing app in the US, earning $88 million in net revenue. And that’s just from the App Store, because Android app earnings don’t count against Google Play.


The company estimates that YouTube has reclaimed its top spot after being ousted from the top spot by Tinder for a couple of months, says Apptractor.

TikTok follows right behind them, but is predicted to take the top position very soon. Already, the short network has seen the No. 1 revenue stream in the US. TikTok’s ability to monetize its user base is unmatched.

Next in 4th and 5th place is HBO and Disney streaming.

Together, the top 10 top-grossing apps in the US generated $414 million in net revenue from the App Store and Google Play.

NIXSolutions notes that Instagram became the world’s most downloaded app in December 2021, with nearly 60 million new devices installed on the App Store and Google Play.