NIX Solutions: Viber Implements Paying In Chat Bots Using Google and Apple Pay

The Viber messenger implemented the ability to pay in chat bots via Google Pay and Apple Pay, launched filtering in chats and allowed to automatically save photos and videos in a backup copy of chats.

Payments between Google Pay or Apple Pay and payment providers (such as credit cards) will go directly to the chatbot. Since we are talking about direct use of Google Pay or Apple Pay, Viber services will be free, however the seller or service will be able to add their commission to the total amount.

“This payment method is the most secure as it is protected by Google and Apple. Neither Viber, the recipients of payments, nor any third party will be able to access your payment information. To provide additional security, Viber verifies all services and all sellers so that you only make purchases from trusted partners,” the messenger’s blog says.

The new feature will soon be supported by the majority of Viber chatbots, so users are advised to sign up for a Google or Apple Pay account in advance to take advantage of the new technology.

NIX Solutions notes that this function was launched at the end of October in Ukraine, and soon it will become available in other countries.

Also, the messenger has a new folder for incoming requests, which will free the chat screen from unwanted messages. New invitations to communities and group chats from unknown senders will also automatically go to the new folder, as many users complain that such messages are the main source of spam.

In addition, iPhone users will now be able to automatically save photos and videos in a chat backup. All you have to do is choose to save history daily, weekly or monthly and never lose precious memories again.