NIX Solutions: Views Statistics, Clicks and Forwardings Appeared in Viber Communities

Viber’s community admins and super admins now have access to message statistics so they can better understand how members interact with posted content, reports SearchEngines.

If you press and hold any message, and then select “Details”, you can see statistics on views, clicks and transfers.

This will allow you to compare different types of posts and understand what generates more engagement. When it comes to GIFs or videos, you can find out what the audience liked best and how to do it even better next time. All this information is available in real time, right after the message has been sent to the community.

Unique views are calculated based on unique devices and are a good reflection of the actual number of views a post has in the community. Now admins will be able to see how many members come to the community when a new post is posted.

Click statistics are displayed for posts with videos, photos, URLs and files, and are located next to the unique views field. It shows how much traffic the posted content has attracted.

Forwarded messages statistics let you know which posts in the community are causing this reaction. Each forwarded message will have a signature and a direct link to the community.

In addition, now super admins can manage their communities using Viber for desktop just like they do in the mobile version of the application.

NIX Solutions notes that the other day Rakuten Viber announced its entry into the financial services market, which will begin with the launch of the new function Viber Chatbot Payments in the messenger.