NIXSolutions: WhatsApp Introduces Email-Based Authentication

WhatsApp recently introduced an innovative authentication feature, allowing users to log in using an email address. Initially tested with beta users, this functionality is progressively becoming available to all messenger users.


Implementing Email Authentication

The new capability is found in WhatsApp version 23.24.70 for iOS devices, now accessible in the Apple App Store. Contrary to replacing the SMS authorization option, this feature serves as an additional alternative. It proves particularly useful when users face limited cellular coverage.

Simple Setup Process

Enabling this feature is straightforward: users need to input their email addresses in the application settings. This option resides within the “Account” section of the profile settings menu. Notably, the provided email address is exclusively for authorization purposes and remains private to other users. Nonetheless, a valid mobile number remains a prerequisite for regular interaction with the service, notes NIXSolutions.

This advancement represents a step towards offering diversified authentication methods within WhatsApp, ensuring accessibility under various circumstances.