NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Testing Nicknames Feature

The WhatsApp development team is delving into the testing phase of a new feature – nicknames, similar to the system employed by Telegram, as reported by WABetaInfo.

NIX Solutions

Discovery in Beta Version for iOS: Introducing Usernames

While there had been prior indications of WhatsApp’s intentions to incorporate usernames, the recent findings by WABetaInfo experts reveal a new settings section in the beta version of the iOS messenger. Within this section, users can click on the “Username” line to select a unique Latin nickname, facilitating others in finding them on the platform.

User-Friendly Convenience: Following Telegram’s Footsteps

Telegram has long utilized a similar system, making nicknames particularly convenient for those who prefer not to divulge their phone numbers to unfamiliar individuals or network acquaintances. The integration of this feature into WhatsApp is anticipated to garner support from its user base, notes NIX Solutions.

The testing phase is currently underway, with the expectation of a broader release in the coming weeks. Although usernames have not been spotted in the beta version for Android as of now, it is highly probable that they will make an appearance in subsequent updates.