NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Introduces New Audio Chat Feature for Voice Calls

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows users to switch from voice to audio chat during a phone call, making it easier to have conversations while multitasking.

NIX Solutions

How it Works

The new feature allows users to switch between voice and audio chat by tapping a new button on the screen during a phone call. When audio chat is enabled, the call is transformed into a hands-free mode, allowing users to continue their conversation while using other apps or doing other tasks on their device.

Benefits for Users

This new feature is particularly useful for those who need to have lengthy conversations but also need to perform other tasks at the same time. It will also be beneficial for those who are not comfortable holding their phone up to their ear for extended periods of time.

Privacy Concerns Addressed

In response to privacy concerns, WhatsApp has ensured that audio chat is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that conversations remain private and secure.


The audio chat feature is currently available for both Android and iOS users, notes NIX Solutions. To use the feature, users must ensure that they have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their device.