NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Makes It Easy to Delete Unnecessary Files

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger have begun rolling out a new content storage management tool, reports iXBT. With its help, it will be easier for users to sort the received files removing all unnecessary from the device.

As reported on WhatsApp’s Twitter, browsing, bulk deletion of items and freeing up space on your smartphone are now as easy as possible. The new storage management tool can be found by going to Settings> Storage & Data> Storage Management.

In this section, the largest files are sorted and conveniently displayed, as well as content sent to the user several times. As a result, the user can quickly select several (or many) files and delete all of them in one go.

It also sorts files by size so that you can delete the largest files first. To avoid accidental deletion, small previews of media files are provided.

NIX Solutions notes that WhatsApp regularly overflows storage on a mobile device, if you do not perform regular “cleaning” manually or using special tools. The built-in tool became the answer of the messenger developers to numerous user complaints.

In late October, WhatsApp announced the launch of stores and new paid services. Users can now shop directly in chat, and businesses have a new option for managing WhatsApp chats powered by Facebook hosting services.