NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Introduces New Features

WhatsApp messenger has announced several new features to provide even higher levels of privacy and give users more control over their correspondence and online presence:

NIX Solutions

  • Leaving groups without notification. Now, when leaving a group, only administrators will receive notifications, and not all members of the group. This feature will become available to all users this month, says SearchEngines.
  • Selecting who sees the user’s online status. When it is important that the presence on the network is invisible, the messenger provides the ability to choose who will see the status of the user “online” and who will not. This feature will also become available to all users this month.
  • Lock screen shot of messages once viewed. One time view is a very popular feature for sending photos and videos without permanently storing them on your phone. To make One-Time Messages even more secure, WhatsApp is introducing a screen capture lock when viewing such messages. This new feature is currently being tested and will be available to all users soon.

NIX Solutions notes also that WhatsApp recently allowed its users to delete sent messages within two days and 12 hours (60 hours in total). Previously, this limit was 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.