NIXSolutions: WhatsApp’s New Group Reminder Feature

The beta version of WhatsApp has an interesting innovation for participants in group chats. This new feature is aimed at those who are “late” for important discussions, functioning similarly to an alarm clock, allowing them to “catch themselves” in advance. The WaBetaInfo portal showcased what this new feature looks like, calling it “Public Group Reminders.”


How Public Group Reminders Work

In the test build of WhatsApp beta, administrators can create automatic notifications about upcoming events for all group members. For example, in a student chat, the teacher can set a reminder about an exam sometime before it starts, ensuring all students see it in advance. This feature aims to keep everyone informed and punctual, reducing the chances of anyone missing important events.

In the current beta version, the feature allows you to notify chat participants a day, two hours, or 30 minutes before the expected event. Additionally, the published screenshot reveals a geolocation icon, suggesting that the event’s address can also be added to the reminder. This added detail could be particularly useful for events happening at specific locations, providing a seamless reminder system within the chat, notes NIXSolutions.

Future Availability and Updates

According to the WaBetaInfo portal, this new feature will appear in one of the next stable versions of the messenger. As always, we’ll keep you updated on when you can expect this useful tool to be available in the regular version of WhatsApp. This innovation is another step towards making group communication more efficient and ensuring no one misses out on important notifications.