NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Got New Updates

WhatsApp messenger has brought many new features and changes in recent months. The most recent changes include message responses and an extended 2 GB file sharing limit. WhatsApp now has more new features.

NIX Solutions

Admin Approval

A new feature called “Admin Approval” has been launched to expand the moderation options for group admins. With this new feature, the group admin will receive a notification when a member is approved to be added to the group. If there are multiple administrators in the group, they will need to individually enable access to receive approval notifications, says CyberState.

Who Can See Profile Picture, Status Updates and Last Seen

WhatsApp is finally rolling out much-requested features that will give users more privacy. Previously, users had three options: who can see their profile picture, status updates, or last seen. These options included everyone, my contacts, and no one. The app now offers users the ability to choose who from their contact list can access that information. If users want a specific contact to be unable to see their profile picture, status, or last seen date, they can simply add it to the exclusion list.

Group Audio Calls – Mute Participants

WhatsApp recently increased the maximum number of group call participants to 32, and now the app has introduced new features to improve the user experience. Users now have the option to mute another participant in a group audio call. In addition, another feature will now notify users who are already in a group call when a new user joins the call.

NIX Solutins notes that all of these aforementioned features are currently being rolled out in various regions.