NIX Solutions: Telegram’s Final 2023 Update

Telegram developers have unveiled the year’s ultimate messenger update, marking the tenth significant upgrade in the past year. This final update prioritizes call improvements and bot advancements, along with additional functionalities.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Calls

The revamped calling feature now boasts redesigned aesthetics with new animations and dynamic backgrounds that shift throughout the call stages – initiation, conversation, and conclusion. A crucial enhancement includes reduced power consumption during calls, ensuring efficient battery usage. Notably, this update aims to optimize calling performance, particularly on older devices with lower specifications. Looking ahead to 2024, developers plan to further enhance connection stability and sound quality during calls.

Innovations for Android Users

An intriguing addition for Android Telegram users is the introduction of the “Thanos click” feature. This functionality enables the use of an animation depicting messages disintegrating into dust upon deletion, previously exclusive to iOS.

Bot Upgrades

Telegram’s bots have undergone a substantial update, introducing a myriad of new features, notes NIX Solutions. These enhancements encompass the ability to send and manage reactions, quotes, and links, as well as replying in other chats. Furthermore, bots endowed with administrator privileges in channels can now access information concerning user-driven prize draws and votes.