NIX Solutions: Telegram’s Premium Offer

Telegram messenger recently introduced an enticing offer for its users: access to Telegram Premium without the usual subscription fee of $4.99. However, the catch is that while users won’t have to pay directly, they’ll need to pay via SMS from their own numbers. Essentially, Telegram is utilizing users’ phone numbers to send OTP (one-time password) codes to other users.

NIX Solutions

Using Phone Numbers as OTP Relay

This move by Telegram aims to utilize the phone numbers of existing users as an OTP relay, transmitting OTP codes to other users. By doing so, Telegram anticipates significant cost savings compared to using OTP service providers. While this might seem like a win-win situation, the reality is more nuanced.

Text Message Quota and Costs

Telegram stipulates that it will send a maximum of 150 text messages per month from users’ phones. However, the free Telegram Premium subscription will only be granted after users reach this monthly text message quota. Furthermore, users may incur charges for some SMS messages sent. Depending on users’ mobile operators and plans, fees may apply, especially for messages sent to foreign numbers not covered in standard plans.

Considerations for Users

It’s essential for users to evaluate their individual circumstances. While the quota may not always be reached, potential SMS charges from operators could outweigh the benefits of the free Premium subscription. Depending on geographic location and carrier, it might be more cost-effective to simply pay for Telegram Premium upfront, notes NIX Solutions.

Telegram’s offer of Premium subscriptions without direct payment introduces a novel approach. However, users should carefully weigh the potential costs and benefits before opting in. As developments unfold, we’ll keep you updated on any further changes or considerations.