NIX Solutions: Testing of COVID-19 control application launched in Switzerland

Soldiers at an army base in Shambleon municipality near Lausanne have begun testing a mobile application tracking the spread of new coronavirus infection, says Regnum.

The mobile application was developed by specialists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. This technology allows you to track contacts between people using smartphones with the installed program.

If they spend 15 minutes within two meters of each other (contacts are controlled using Bluetooth), then a special note is made in the application about the contact. After a person is proven sick, they can upload identifiers to the system and warn everyone they have contacted in recent weeks.

Testing conducted with the help of the military helps developers to verify not only the correct functioning of the system, but also the reliability of data protection. The developers claim that all data will be stored in encrypted form on users’ smartphones, and not on an external central server, says NIX Solutions. Testing is expected to be completed by May 11th.