NIXSolutions: 2022 Mobile Ad Creative Index Report by Liftoff and Vungle

Liftoff and Vungle released the 2022 Mobile Ad Creative Index, a report on mobile advertising trends last year.


Key data:

  • At $1.98 per install, playable ads are the most accessible of the five ad formats, notes AppTractor.
  • Only 4% of video ads for casual games successfully use player motivation. There are many opportunities for growth in this direction.
  • For in-app purchase e-commerce advertisers, banner ads offer the most value with the lowest cost and highest ITA of 32.42%.
  • For financial apps, banner ads offer the most value at $1.95 per install.
  • Even if you’re advertising a non-gaming app, playable ads have a lot to offer you. Incorporating interactive elements into e-commerce ads results in real engagement without compromising the brand.

NIXSolutions notes that you can find a breakdown of how different ad formats perform across the four verticals (gaming, finance, e-commerce and entertainment) in the Liftoff report.