NIX Solutions: Only 20% of Gadgets Updated to Android 11

StatCounter has collected statistics on the installation of various Android versions on smartphones and tablets around the world. The data turned out to be disappointing, the numbers indicate that updates for this operating system are distributed extremely slowly.

Most popular Android versions:

  • Android 10 – 42.71%
  • Android 9 Pie – 20.07%
  • Android 8.1 Oreo – 9.46%
  • Android 11 – 20.29%
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow – 5.3%

Android 11, released about six months ago, is installed on about one in five Android smartphones and tablets whose users access the Internet, states iGuides. The situation was not even improved by the introduction of modular solutions in Android, thanks to which manufacturers can update the system core independently of other data, including the shell and embedded applications.

To compare: iOS 14 is installed on more than 80% of iPhones, and iPadOS on more than 70% of iPads.

IOS fragmentation is much lower, but do not forget that Apple updates its smartphones on its own, explains NIX Solutions. In its turn, Google only releases ASOP builds of Android and updates for Pixel smartphones, leaving the release of updates for other devices on the conscience of third-party manufacturers. Manufacturers are not always interested in releasing updates, especially when it comes to inexpensive models. Android is installed on hundreds of models of smartphones and tablets. Google can hardly keep track of all of them being updated on time. Apple has much fewer devices and does not have such a strong variety among them as in the case of gadgets on Android, so adapting the latest version of iOS for them is not such a difficult task.