NIX Solutions: Apple Music Replay 2022 Updated with “Highlight Reel”

Today, Apple traditionally launched Apple Music Replay 2022, this time introducing the new Highlight Reel feature.

The new UI that Apple Music subscribers have noticed today displays a new Highlight Reel feature at the very top of the Replay page. Users are prompted to launch Highlight Reel first, and only then view more detailed information.

NIX Solutions

Highlight Reel is a set of animated social media-style cards that display the year’s top musical highlights based on your listening history. The corresponding music plays in the background of each card. Highlight Reel can also be viewed in a browser on a computer, but the feature looks better on mobile device displays, says IT-Here.

After a selection of cards, users can see more detailed totals with the top albums and playlists for the past year. At the bottom of the page, you can add yourself a playlist with your main tracks of 2022.

The feature is now reminiscent of the Spotify app totals, but Apple Music Replay is still only available in browsers. The Music app only displays and allows you to listen to the main playlist with the top songs of the past year, but only after you add it through the browser.

NIX Solutions notes that in order to view your Apple Music Replay 2022 results and experience the new Highlight Reel feature, visit