NIXsolutions: Apple’s iOS 17 Update – Changes to Phone App Interface

Apple has introduced changes to the interface of the Phone app in iOS 17, with a notable adjustment to the placement of the end call button. This alteration is clearly visible in the beta version of the mobile operating system.

Relocation of the End Call Button

In this update, the end call button has been relocated from its traditional position, signaling a shift in the user experience. Previously found at the top of the Phone screen, the button has been moved to the middle of the bottom area. With the release of iOS 17, it has been repositioned even further, now occupying the lower right corner of the interface. This adjustment has also led to a reduction in the surrounding empty space, as the button is now positioned in closer proximity to other buttons.

NIX Solutions

Adaptation to the Contact Poster Feature

This change in the interface design appears to be prompted by the introduction of the Contact Poster feature. This new feature emphasizes the image of the contact engaged in the conversation, occupying a significant portion of the screen. To ensure that the contact image is not obstructed by buttons and icons, Apple has made the decision to move these elements downward. Consequently, the previous central placement of the end call button, which enjoyed a sense of prominence, is no longer feasible within this new context.

User Adaptation and Implications

While these adjustments enhance the visual presentation and prioritize the contact image, they might not be universally embraced by all iPhone users. The accustomed location of the end call button over the years has become second nature to many, allowing them to press it instinctively without visual confirmation. With this relocation, users might inadvertently interact with other nearby buttons, potentially leading to unintended actions during calls.

Apple’s iOS 17 update brings significant changes to the Phone app’s interface, primarily driven by the Contact Poster feature’s emphasis on contact images, concludes NIXsolutions. While catering to a more visually immersive experience, the relocation of the end call button could pose challenges for users accustomed to its previous placement.