NIXsolutions: Aptoide Expands to iOS with New Games Store

After the Digital Markets Act (DMA) compelled Apple to allow third-party iOS app stores in Europe, several developers launched alternative stores such as AltStore and MacPaw’s Setapp (currently in closed beta). Joining them is Aptoide, a long-established Android app store, which is launching a new games store in Europe.


Aptoide’s iOS Launch

Aptoide announced today that users will be able to download and use its play store on iOS starting June 6th. The store will initially feature six games, with plans to add more titles later. The company noted that over 100 developers are set to launch their games on the app store, but due to Apple’s review process, the official launch is taking some time.

The initial games available include:

  • Word Jungle, a word puzzle game
  • Condor – Leap of Faith, a jumping platformer
  • All-in-one Solitaire, a collection of different solitaire games
  • All-in-one Mahjong, a collection of different Mahjong games
  • Charades – Guess the Word, another word puzzle game

Word Jungle is currently the only game with in-app purchases. Aptoide has a unique model for charging developers for in-app purchases. If a user finds an app through search or recommendations in the app store, the company charges a 20% fee. However, if the developer attracts users through paid advertising or community channels, Aptoide charges a 10% fee for in-app purchases. Developers are allowed to list their websites for these transactions, with 10% going to Aptoide.

Navigating Apple’s Restrictions

The startup mentioned that it underwent a tedious process of applying to Apple as an alternative app store, noting that the technology giant did not always respond to requests. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.

Aptoide plans to accept between 500 and 1,000 waitlisted users each day after launch to avoid exceeding the limit of 1 million first installations per year, thereby avoiding a technology fee of 0.50 euros for each first installation, notes NIXsolutions.

Aptoide has been running on Android since 2009 and last year reached nearly half a billion downloads. While its experience with the Android app store may be beneficial, iOS is a completely different environment with Apple’s own rules and restrictions. Additionally, with other stores competing for users’ attention in the EU, Aptoide will need to attract some unique games to its store.