NIX Solutions: Popularity of Microsoft Bing Soared 10 Times After Announcing AI Features

This week, Microsoft announced the introduction of ChatGPT features to its Bing search engine. After that, by Wednesday, the number of new global downloads of his application in the App Store, according to, increased 10 times.

In the US segment of the Apple Store, Bing has climbed to #6 among free apps, and Microsoft’s Edge browser has jumped from #7 at the start of the week to #3 in Utilities.

NIX Solutions

Microsoft introduced the “new Bing” two days ago. It is based on the next generation OpenAI language model. The search engine received ChatGPT functionality, which allows you to get more meaningful and relevant answers for complex queries, as well as generate texts, such as posts for LinkedIn. At the moment it is available in limited form, notes Devby. Microsoft also showed a new version of Edge with built-in AI features.

Users can sign up for a waiting list – millions of people will be invited to use the innovations in the coming weeks. However, you can move up the list if you make Microsoft search the default search on your computer and scan the QR code to install the Bing app on your smartphone – apparently, this provoked a surge in downloads, allowing it to rise to the top of the App Store.

NIX Solutions notes that as recently as last week, prior to all the announcements, Bing was only ranked 160th in the productivity app category in the US and was absent from the overall top app rankings. So far, the app has topped the Productivity category, leaving behind Gmail and Google Drive.