NIX Solutions: ColorOS 14 Gets Major Updates and New AI Features

The ColorOS 14 firmware, which powers OPPO and OnePlus smartphones, will soon receive two major updates with an expanded set of features, including various AI tools. The company has detailed when these updates will be rolled out, what will be included, and which devices will support these innovations.

June 5th to July 10th Update

The first update began arriving on compatible gadgets on June 5th and will be fully deployed by July 10th. The list of changes includes hiding notifications during screen recording and a screenshot editor with new tools such as lines, circles, arrows, and rectangles. Additionally, the firmware update introduces several new features:

NIX Solutions

  • Wallpaper blur feature
  • Sorting tasks in the task planner
  • New call recording icon
  • Advanced time zone settings in the calendar
  • Reminder of time zones and adjustment of task completion times based on them
  • New media icons when sharing albums for clearer navigation

The following smartphones are compatible with this update:

  • OPPO Find N3, N3 Flip
  • OPPO Find X7, X7 Ultra, X7 Ultra Satellite Communication Edition
  • OPPO Find X6, X6 Pro
  • OPPO Reno11, 11 Pro
  • OnePlus 11, 12
  • OnePlus Ace 3, 3V
  • OnePlus Ace 2, 2 Pro

June 19th to August 15th Update

The second patch for the above gadgets began rolling out on June 19 and will be distributed until August 15, depending on the region, adds NIX Solutions. It includes improvements to features with artificial intelligence algorithms and several additional changes:

  • Xiaobu Travel Assistant
  • Document summarization and analysis in Xiaobu Document Q&A
  • AI Elimination eraser for photos
  • AI Cutout tool for cutting out objects from images
  • Improved visuals when running multiple desktop apps and plugins
  • Smoother opening of the notification center
  • Playing music from Fluid Cloud in the system player
  • Microsoft PhoneLink Hotspot feature for quick hotspot sharing
  • Improved calendar and clipboard privacy
  • Smoother system interface

AI Cutout, Xiaobu Travel Assistant, and Document Q&A will also be available for download as separate utilities on the OPPO and OnePlus app stores.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments as these updates roll out.