NIX Solutions: Enhanced Privacy with WhatsApp’s New IP Protection

The WhatsApp messenger now features a “Protect IP address in calls” switch, bolstering user privacy. Activating this mode ensures that calls are routed through WhatsApp servers, concealing the user’s actual IP address and enhancing overall security.


Balancing Privacy and Quality

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp acknowledged the trade-offs of this heightened privacy. While the IP protection switch safeguards user information, it may lead to a reduction in audio and video call quality. The company emphasizes, however, that calls remain encrypted, regardless of the IP address protection setting.

Additional Security Measures

WhatsApp’s commitment to user safety extends beyond IP protection. A July announcement introduced the capability to block unknown callers, fortifying defenses against spam and advanced cybersecurity threats, notes NIX Solutions.

“Protecting user privacy and security is essential to WhatsApp’s mission for private communications worldwide,” the blog states. These new security features, combined with existing protections, contribute to a secure environment on WhatsApp. Access the IP protection switch in WhatsApp settings under the privacy section.